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Hey! of sorts, I’m the same maique as @maique, but I’m trying to use my own instance a bit more. Still have to figure a few things out, so I might be talking to you from both sides 😊

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August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 10
Today’s theme: windows

After many years waiting for the perfect time, I finally made it to Macau. Cherry on top, I was meeting my brother there. We hadn’t been abroad together for decades.


Really want to try the VPS thing, install a couple of apps and try this yunohost I hear about, but, at the same time, I already know I won’t have the time and peace of mind to explore it. I’ll surely need more than 20/30 mins at a time, and I have no idea how I’ll manage that.

Quietness is what I miss the most. That’s it. I’m pretty much ok with everything else. But not having a minute of the day without sound is taking a toll.

Back home, and already ordered Ramen from our favorite place in town. In a while we’ll be in Japan, if we close our eyes. Maybe.

Afternoon view… Kids all over, but nice IPA on the fridge. Play Date for them and for us as well.

I had forgotten how much cooler the weather is up here. tinyMovieStar slept without complaining for the first time in almost two weeks.

Getting ready for bed after a very long day. Still keeping our moods up, but our home really is our safe haven, and everything that gets us out of there is a bit stressful. Adding stress to exhaustion is never a good idea.

August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 09
Today’s theme: black-and-white

Doing the whole challenge in black and white, unusual for me, made this one trickier, since they all fit this particular theme.
This one was almost b&w already, so…


Back at the in-laws for the night. Tomorrow we’re having a play date (yes, now I’m that kind of person) close by, and then it’s back home again.

Saturday is farmer’s market day in the park, and some arts & crafts as well.

We got some tomatoes for a salad we’re having for lunch, and a sweet bowl.

tinyMovieStar got hungry while at the market, so we walked home and took care of that.

It now takes two espressos just to get things started. One is not enough anymore. My brain is working on caffeine alone most of the time.

We’re spending the night at my in-laws today, going back for the first time since we left. They’re still in the middle of the moving process, but taking it slow.

So so right, on so many things… Very much worth a read.

How Covid-19 Signals the End of the American Era - Rolling Stone

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> I’m not young enough to know everything. J. M. Barrie

I have a VERY nosy upstairs neighbor, always perched on her window, trying to figure out who’s coming and going.

When the time came to name my Netatmo weather station, who sits outside all day long, gathering information, I named it after her.

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